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Vice President, 



Vice President, 

Competitive Affairs


Vice President, 

Competitive Affairs


Vice President,

Professional Development


Vice President, 

Fundraising & Finance


Vice President, 


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Vice President,

Community Outreach

Director of Consulting



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Dr. Artemisia Apostolopoulou, Ph.D.

Dr. Apostolopoulou is a University Professor of Sport Management and Marketing, and the Head of the Marketing Department. She is a native of Greece and completed her graduate education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her area of expertise is sport marketing and her research focuses on brand management, sponsorship and licensing with a special interest in the meanings and value of consumers’ prized possessions. Dr. Apostolopoulou has presented her work in numerous national and international conferences. Her publications have appeared in the Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Brand Strategy, Journal of Marketing Communications, Journal of Promotion Management, Journal of Strategic Marketing and Sport Marketing Quarterly. In addition to her role with AMA, she is the faculty co-advisor to the Sport Management Association, has served as a mentor in the Women’s Leadership and Mentorship Program, and enjoys working with Honors students. Dr. Apostolopoulou is the recipient of the President’s Faculty Achievement Award in Distinguished Teaching, the recipient of the Rockwell SBUS Teaching Excellence Award and the Rockwell SBUS Service Excellence Award, and was a 2021 inductee in the RMU Sport Management Hall of Fame.


Dr. Gabriel Moreno Ph.D.

Dr. Gabriel Moreno, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Sales at Robert Morris University, earned a BS in Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Marketing from The University of Texas at El Paso. His extensive experience in the high-tech industry spans operations, project management, and sales. Dr. Moreno is actively engaged in collaborating with businesses across various industries, offering training and consulting services. His research focuses on sales behaviors, performance, and efficiency in B2B marketing, alongside interests in measurement theory, multivariate data analysis, and research methods. Additionally, Dr. Moreno is deeply invested in nurturing the talents of students who show a strong passion for sales, offering dedicated mentorship to enhance their skills and guide their professional development.

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